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With pencil in hand, as a young boy at Toten, Einar Sandvold began to explore his creative path and discovered a world of endless possibilities. This original passion for drawing was the basis for his entire artistic growth and expression.


It was a few years later, at Einar Granum Art School, that Sandvold found the opportunity to develop artistically. Here he began to explore new aspects of himself and his artistry and quickly understood that this was the path for him to follow. With the brush as his tool, the artist began to create an architectural painterly universe, filled with strong, durable forms - a visual expression of strength and endurance through life's storms and pains.


After a couple of years, the artist has returned to the pencil and developed a new drawing universe. Here he merges memories from the past with visions of the future, creating an organic and evocative landscape that depicts man's search for light and meaning. In contrast to the architectural and symbol-heavy paintings, we can witness adventurous lines, soft contrasts and soulful creatures. His current design language conveys a universe that balances the nostalgic with the innovative, and draws us into a world where humans can relate to what is not necessarily seen, but can be understood within us. 


Einar Sandvold is not driven by the desire to satisfy the public, but by a burning need to create something unique and personal. He is an artist who is constantly moving forward, always looking for new expressions and meanings. 

Written by Katia Maria Hassve 

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