It is through my interest in architecture and design that new ideas, thoughts and feelings emerge, which also gives life and expression to my art. Urban landscapes have been and are what inspire me to dream away from reality and into other worlds. To places I can escape to and seek refuge, tranquility, balance and control.

It is then under such balanced, calm and controlled conditions, that I initiate my projects, where it is primarily the sketch that sets the starting points for the composition. The painting is then made up of the shapes, surfaces and elements I visualise in my own mind, and then manifest them in a comprehensive composition on the canvas.

Perfectionism, both as an idea and an ideal, is something I seek and which often characterises my artistic process. This is particularly reflected in the projects' final results, where spotless surfaces, balanced colours, geometric shapes and varying dimensions are proportional to each other.

In contrast to my approach to perfection, I have periods in which I choose to work less controlled and with freer movements. This is because I need space to break out of the controlled sphere, so that my creative abilities can run free. By making such aesthetic break- ups, my paintings take a more expressive turn, which opens up further exploration and experimentation of new expressions, disproportionate shapes and other natural / unnatural colour combinations.

My desire is to create one mirror that opens the viewer's view, which makes one dream of a world where one can lose control and move freely into the composition. By inviting the viewer into my artistic visions and perspectives, I give the viewer the opportunity to make their own interpretations and at the same time let them explore my worlds on their own terms.

Art is subjective and extends in all sorts of directions, my direction being abstract, controlled, experimental and personal.